Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder Review

Pros: - Compact and lightweight - LCD display which is clear, crisp, and easy to view - Completely water resistant for use in all weather
Cons: - Not the best for long range measurements

Nikon is a huge name in the technological world, so that simple fact alone gives you confidence that you are dealing with a high quality product. Of course, even top class companies have failures, so checking out testimonials before shelling out your hard earned cash, is a must.

The Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder is one of the most compact and popular products in their rangefinder line up, and checking Nikon rangefinder reviews will tell you that this product is five star rated time and time again.

Let’s review it in a little more detail.

What’s great about the Nikon 8397 ACULON Golf Laser Rangefinder?

This is a fantastic mid-price range product, which gives you the performance level of a much higher priced rangefinder, without having to spend the cash! You only have to check Nikon golf rangefinder reviews to see that this particular product is a compact and easy to use model, making it one of the best rangefinder for golf options around. At a low price, you are getting a large range, up to 550 yards, and it is time and time again noted to be fantastic at accuracy under 100 yards, with pinpoint precision.

This is also a very fast piece of machinery, from a big named brand, and one of the best compact rangefinder options no matter what your level of ability.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • LCD display which is clear, crisp, and easy to view
  • Can change display from yards to metres, and vice versa
  • Automatically displays the distance to the furthest away target, increasing accuracy
  • Completely water resistant for use in all weather


  • 550 yard capacity range
  • Long eye relief feature
  • Pre-programmed to read the distance to the furthest away target for accuracy

Ease of Use

This is a very compact Nikon laser rangefinder, which means it is perfect for taking out with you on the green, without risk of weighing yourself down. At just 5.6oz, and weighing 3.6 x 22.9 x 1.5”, this is a narrow and easy to hold model, and the single button function means you simply point and wait for the result to come into view on the clear and easy to read display. You can even choose between metres or yards, depending on your preference, and it’s easy to toggle between the two by pressing one button.

Nikon rangefinders are known for their simplistic but highly efficient nature, and that really sums up this product perfectly.


  • Not the best for long range measurements
  • 550 yard distance is adequate, but if you want to seriously focus on a further target, again, this is not going to help you too much
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Summary Review

This Nikon rangefinder golf product has very little in the way of cons, and many pros to its advantage. The reviews you will find online are fantastic, and for the price you really are getting quality.

The lightweight and compact manner of this product is really what sells it first of all, with a waterproof and therefore rain proof guarantee, as well as being made of multi-layer coating, which gives it a higher transmittance level of light, and again increases accuracy. The 550 yard capability isn’t the beset for those who want to do seriously long range shots, but it is more than adequate for most golfers, and again, for the cash there can’t really be any complaints.

The LCD display is very easy to use and read distances from, and you can easily change between yards and metres, depending on what you prefer. This is basically a very fast and easy to use product, which isn’t going to weigh you down, and will certainly not hit your bank balance too much either. This rangefinder is also programmed to read the distance of the furthest away target too, which cuts down on any accuracy issues, and allows you to be precise every single time, without blurring into shorter distance targets instead.

Put simply, for the cash outlay, this is a fantastic product, and certainly one of the highest rated rangefinders amongst buyers, rivalling higher priced rangefinders on offer.

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